Halleen Australasian Livestock Trader

Halleen Australasian Livestock Traders Pty Ltd has been operating internationally since its inception in 1983. Since that time, Halleen’s has provided quality Australian livestock to the world with a predominate focus on Asian market.

Halleen Australasian Livestock Traders has been a long lasting establishment in the Australian Live Export industry and were the first company to introduce feeding cattle to Indonesia over 30 years ago.

Halleen’s provides a service with a wealth of knowledge and experience to help their customers achieve the best outcome for their business. By working alongside the customer to meet their needs, the Halleen team can identify the best breeds, age and sex to maximise the potential of the livestock in each situation

Whether the operation is large or small, delivering by sea or air and whether the livestock are for feeding, breeding, dairy or slaughter, Halleen Australasian Livestock Traders are able to commit to providing quality livestock with a quality guarantee. Halleen’s provides an after service care where needed where training, expertise and equipment can be provided to help each specific operation.

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