About The Live Export Industry

Australia leads the world in live export industry in quantity and in animal welfare practices. Producing a surplus of livestock, Australia provides an affordable option of high quality, disease free animals for breeding, feeding, dairy or slaughter. With a worldwide reputation for quality stock, Australia is at the forefront for delivering live animals to destinations all around the world.

The Australian live export trade is a mature industry that has a large focus on animal welfare. Australia is currently the only country that helps implement animal welfare programs in destination countries. Industry and government collaboration has lead to programs being established worldwide that help train staff, improve facilities and help implement strategies that provide high quality animal welfare outcomes.

Australia is a country that has been established with agricultural roots leading to world leading animal practices. From extremely large pastoral properties in the north to smaller farms in the south, the diverse weather and landscape seen in Australia allows it to produce a vast array of different livestock. This factor means that Australia can supply livestock to most countries specifications in regard to breed, size and purpose.